If you’re wondering where your PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub is, it’s been held back.

The long-delayed PlayStation 4 racer launched yesterday in North America but only to gamers who’ve paid for it. The cut-down PS Plus edition of the title, which anyone subscribing to Sony’s online gaming service can download and play for free, hasn’t hit the PlayStation Store as intended. Game director Paul Rustchynsky, from developer Evolution Studios, took to Facebook this morning to explain that server problems are to blame. It’s an embarrassing start to life for Sony’s entry into this fall’s big driving game showdown.

“We are seeing a lot of activity and new social behaviours right now,” said Rustchynsky, “but unfortunately this is pushing the servers to their absolute limits. Everyone at the studio is now working hard to get new updates ready for the game servers to improve connectivity. We will be rolling out these updates day by day and will keep you informed.”

So with paying players already struggling to access Driveclub’s online features, Evolution has decided to hold off releasing the PS Plus version, which would flood an already-struggling network. Evolution is also holding back on the My Driveclub companion app while it works to stabilize the online experience.

“In order to help all Driveclub players who have the game already, we’re temporarily holding back the PS Plus Edition and the My Driveclub app to ease the load and traffic to the servers,” said Rustchynsky. “This should give players a better chance of connecting to the game servers and, once the servers are operating well, we’ll be sure to let you know when the PS Plus Edition and My Driveclub app will be available to download.”

The server problems and the delay of the PS Plus edition haven’t gone down well with gamers.

The PS Plus edition of Driveclub has 11 tracks from one country, compared to 55 tracks across five countries in the full version. It only features 10 of the 50 cars available in the full game, but it is still possible to earn a Platinum trophy without paying for the full title.

In our GamesBeat review of Driveclub, Heather Newman concluded: “This game doesn’t reward casual players, and I expect that it’ll eventually be overtaken by more creative competitors. But it offers a solid experience for the committed, first-person racing game lover.”

Driveclub was originally scheduled to launch along with the PS4 last November. Let’s hope the PS Plus edition of the game isn’t delayed quite so long.