A new Los Angeles-based company fulfills music fans’ desires


In today’s climate of savvy technology, it makes no sense that music artists get paid mere pennies from music streaming services. It makes even less sense that indie music fans don’t have a service tailored to their specific needs. Founders and University of Michigan MBAs, Aniefre Essien and Brandon Sledge-Mellon, announce VAYTUS, a Los Angeles-based, curated music streaming experience for the nation’s best indie music.

Frustrated with the status quo and knowing that the discovery process for new indie music was lacking, and that a better business model could be built for this new streaming age, Aniefre and Brandon built a streaming player that solves these two issues. VAYTUS shared a prototype of the site with indie artists and fans to get their feedback, and to make sure the VAYTUS player was meeting its objectives.

Courtney Schroeder, a listener allowed to demo the VAYTUS player, emphatically stated, “VAYTUS bangs!” World-renowned indie folk artist Vienna Teng was so delighted with what VAYTUS offered, she tweeted out to her fans: “Just backed @VAYTUS Kickstarter-here’s to experiments in creating a new music industry where artists can thrive.”

Additionally, indie Hip Hop legend Pep Love of the Hieroglyphics Crew stated, “I believe VAYTUS is needed right now because it brings a clear focus (on indie music), and a more true representation of what music is out there right now.”

VAYTUS launched a Kickstarter campaign and has already raised nearly $23,100, but needs to raise an additional $6,900 by October 10th. VAYTUS will use the Kickstarter funds to cover the programming costs required to ensure technical stability, and to secure the requisite bandwidth for national release.

Check out the VAYTUS Kickstarter campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1881883350/vaytus-music-streaming-indie-lovers-deserve

Please join the efforts in creating a new music industry-one that celebrates artistry and fair compensation.

For more information about VAYTUS, please contact Karen Lewis by phone at 310-760-1263 or by e-mail at Karen@goingpublicpr.com.

Karen Lewis, 310-760-1263