Since Apple Pay turned out to be the surprise hit of Apple’s Sep. 9 big show in Cupertino, curiosity about the new service has only grown.

The biggest question of all is when we’ll be able to begin using it. In an interview with The DailyDot, USAA, one of the big banks partnering with Apple on the initiative, said it would start supporting Apple Pay for its Visa and MasterCard customers Nov. 7.

The publication was talking to the banks about the security of Apple Pay, when a USAA exec mentioned the Nov. 7 date.

mediumThe next version of Apple’s iOS, 8.1, will have to be released before Apple phones will support mobile payments, but that should be coming later this month.

Apple has scheduled another event Oct. 16 in which it will talk about tablet and iMac news. But it will also talk about Apple Pay, and hopefully formally announce the launch dates.

Apple has said that Apple Pay will support Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards at launch, and that it has partnered with six of the largest U.S. banks that issue them.