Microsoft might own Minecraft, but a third Sony system is about to get the block-building blockbuster.

Developer 4JStudios, which is responsible for porting Minecraft to the consoles, revealed today that Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition is due out Oct. 15 in Europe. The Lego-like game goes on sale on the PlayStation Network store for $20. If you own the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft, however, you’ll get the Vita version for free. That does not apply to people who bought the recently released PS4 Edition of Minecraft.

With the Vita version coming next week, developer Mojang has now released all of its promised ports for the indie megahit. You can now erect the block structures of your dreams on PC, Mac, mobile, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, and Vita. Nintendo is the only one that isn’t in on the fun.

Minecraft is one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. Mojang has sold more than 55 million copies on all those platforms, and that number is likely to continue growing. That’s one of the reasons that Microsoft spent $2.5 billion to acquire the developer and Minecraft property on Sept. 15.

While Europe is getting Minecraft on Oct. 15, 4JStudios doesn’t have a date for North American audiences.

We’ve asked Sony Computer Entertainment America for more details, and we’ll update this post if the company gets back to us.

In addition to the PS Vita release, Minecraft: PS4 Edition will debuted on disc earlier this week. The physical version for Xbox One is not due out until Nov. 18. Both versions are also $20.