Pixelated block building is finally coming to one of the best handheld gaming devices.

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced  today that Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition goes on sale Oct. 14. Players with the Sony handheld can buy the game digitally through Sony’s online store for $20. If you already own it on PS3, however, you also already own it on Vita thanks to the company’s Cross-Buy program. For those of you who bought Minecraft for the first time on PS4, well, you’ll need to plunk down another $20 to get it on the portable system. With this release, developer Mojang, which created Minecraft, has delivered every port of the Lego-like game that it has previously promised. It should help Minecraft, which has already sold 55 million copies across console, PC, and mobile, sell a ton more this holiday.

In addition to the digital download, Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition has a physical version that debuts at retail Nov. 11. The disc version of Minecraft on PS4 just went on sale earlier this week, and the Xbox One Edition gets a disc in November.

Yesterday, developer 4JStudios, which handles the ports of Mojang’s game, revealed that Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition would debut in Europe on Oct. 15. The company was waiting on SCEA to approve the port for North American audiences.

Of course, Minecraft on Vita is interesting for more reasons than it is one of the biggest games in the world right now. In September, Microsoft — Sony’s primary competitor in console gaming — purchased Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5 billion. Despite that, Xbox’s gaming boss Phil Spencer, who is now in charge of the franchise, said he wouldn’t pull the game from Sony or other platforms. So far, Microsoft is keeping its word.

4JStudios has even said that it will continue upgrading and improving Minecraft on all platforms to try to bring the console versions up to parity with the more advanced PC release.