As the consumer and corporate world goes more mobile every minute, health care is playing catch up. The problem is that many health care providers simply don’t know where to start when it comes to mobile health.

HealthBeat 2014 gives health care providers and leaders in mobile health tech a unique chance to come together and talk about ways in which mobile devices and apps are being used to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

At their session, “Bridging the Digital Divide,” Validic CTO Drew Schiller and Martin Entwistle, executive director of the Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation, explore what’s achievable — right now.

For example, Validic’s mobile health integration platform provides access to digital health data from clinical and remote-monitoring devices, sensors, fitness equipment, wearables and patient wellness applications. Both caregivers and employers can use the platform to monitor patient and employee wellness.

This kind of integration is key to solving interoperability challenges, particularly as health care becomes more focused on value-based care and population management. The goal is to keep patients well, and to use mobile technologies to stay engaged with them over time. Doing this effectively could not only improve quality of care, but could ultimately save $30 billion annually in the U.S.

Mobile solutions are perfectly synergistic with The Druker Center’s first incubation project: supporting aging in the community through human-centered design and scalable technology. Its goal is to create linkages among older adults and family caregivers through social networks that will improve both care and quality of life.

Schiller and Entwistle will discuss how health data integration platforms can help move data from the consumer realm into the health system where it can be used to improve care.

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