Patients will soon expect their doctors to be able to access their entire medical history and to experience a seamless journey from healthy to worried to sick to treated to cured – and across home, hospitals, clinics, and insurance paperwork.

In America, the desire for this kind of integration is strong, and stakeholders in the U.S. are setting the stage to get there.

It’s actually achievable. The confluence of electronic health records, accurate recording of invaluable clinical data, and patient-generated data from health wearables can give providers a holistic view of their patients. It’s a view that can inform better decision making, no matter where a provider enters on the continuum of care.

Leading experts at this year’s HealthBeat tackle this very issue, including the heavy-hitters below.

In the session, “Powering the patient journey — Fundamental fixes at scale,” Dr. Peter Tippett, chief medical officer of Verizon Healthcare, and Krista Drobac, executive director of Alliance for Connected Care, look at how integration across the patient journey is achievable.

And in the session, “Do you know how all the patients in your practice are doing between visits?” Dr. Phillip Marshall, chief product officer of Conversa Health, and Dr. Cynthia Ferrier of GreenField Health, look at how data and a two-way exchange of information will provide a holistic view of the patient journey.

Join us for these and other amazing HealthBeat sessions, October 27-28, 2014, exploring this year’s theme, “The patient journey: connections, data, and innovation.”

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