Yahoo today launched a new magazine called Yahoo DIY. As the name implies, the offering is aimed at do-it-yourself enthusiasts looking to get their hands dirty.

Yahoo DIY isn’t just full of text that explains how to get the job done. Editor-in-Chief Katie Brown is promising readers content like slideshows, listicles (ugh), and original videos.


The videos will probably require the most work. The company is currently planning three series: “Daily Made” shows off solutions for common household problems, “Home Made” provides crafters with how-to tips, and “Katie Made” offers a sneak peek inside the Editor-in-Chief’s own quirky DIY projects.

Yahoo gives some examples to show just how broad the content will be: design trends on a budget, step-by-step decor improvements, wearable crafts, and easy projects for kids. In Brown’s own words, the goal is to ensure the digital magazine “inspires, entertains, and educates.”

Yahoo’s recent renewed focus on digital content is largely driven by CEO Marissa Mayer. She wants to turn checking Yahoo content into a daily habit, with Tumblr being the main inspiration.

DIY may be a niche, but it is certainly a growing category. DIY enthusiasts are always looking for new ideas, and they have no problem if they aren’t the ones to think of them, just as long as they can put their own spin on a¬†project.

Whether Yahoo can deliver content worthy of a mass following remains to be seen. Yahoo will likely continue to release new digital magazines to see what topics work best, eventually killing off poor performers.