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Update 10/25: Details updated for release!

If you are a Civilization fan, you probably know this already but starting late night tomorrow, we are all in for a treat as Civilization: Beyond Earth goes live across the globe (West Coast in USA gets as early as a 9 PM PDT unlock time). If you’ve already preordered the game, suffice to say you can safely ignore this post. If you’re still sitting on the sideline wondering where to toss your hard earned cash, this post is for you.

We’ve rounded up all the preorder deals available from legitimate, authorized retailers – this means all the keys below are sent straight from the publishers, and most are available for pre-load already. What’s interesting this time around is that those in the Oceanic region are receiving some real sticker shock – being that Civilization: Beyond Earth cost as high as $90 AUD/NZD at the Steam Store (and this was a price hike of sorts developed in recent months).

Without going into a long debate about regional pricing and how unfair it may be, we’ll simply point you to the best Civilization: Beyond Earth preorder deals, depending on your region. Everything below works as of writing and given the title is now released, the retailers will display your Steam key of the game immediately after purchasing.

Beyond Earth Deals from Best to Worst

North America Only:

GMG VIP at $37.49
• Login required to see VIP deals, not available for Oceanic
• (If you don’t see the deal, after logging in, try clicking here to add to cart)

Oceanic (AU & NZ) and North America:

Beyond Earth at DLGamer at $40.99
• Use Coupon: DLG-OPHANJ

DLGamer charges a straight forward rate in currency exchange rate. So you’ll be paying only about $40 AUD (or $50 NZD) with these two retailers vs. the $90 AUD / NZD at Steam Store. The ridiculousness of it is that both are the same game, and the same keys.

United Kingdom and Europe:

For UK GMG is at £23.40
For EU GMG is at 39.00€

The GMG coupon + links above for UK/EU at GMG also works in Australia and New Zealand too but you’re better off with the DLGamer deal listed above in terms of the regional pricing offered at GMG.

As mentioned earlier, preload is now available for Beyond Earth and you can get ready for the Friday release (Thursday in certain regions) by getting a head start on the 2.7 GB download.

Release Schedule for Cvilization: Beyond Earth:

• West Coast USA: Thursday, October 23 at 9 PM PDT
• Central Time USA: Thursday, October 23 at 10 PM CDT
• East Coast USA: Friday, October 24 at 12 AM EDT

• Australia/New Zeland: Friday, October 24th at 4 AM EDT
• United Kingdom: Friday, October 24th at 12 AM BST
• Germany/France: Friday, October 24th at 1 AM CEST