“Finnish” him.

The Helsinki, Finland-based mobile developer Small Giant Games has raised $3.1 million after completing its investment round. It says that the funds will go toward launching its first game and the development of additional works. The mobile gaming market is huge and growing — it should reach $20 billion by the end of this year — and developers from all over the world are jumping into the competitive arena of social and casual gaming.

Small Giant Game’s first game is Oddwings Escape, which launches globally on mobile platforms next year.

“It’s not possible to succeed in the fiercely competed mobile games market just by copying existing popular games – you need to create new and unparalleled game features and experiences, which shape the existing genres and create entirely new ones,” Small Giant Games chief executive office Timo Soininen said in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “One of our goals is to raise the quality of character animations in mobile games to a new level. We are thrilled to get experienced investors to back our vision of creating beautiful and engaging multiplayer games with small focused teams.”