You need to work together with your teammates in the new content for Titanfall.

Developer Respawn revealed a new four-player cooperative mode for its sci-fi shooter today. During a livestream on the video site Twitch, the studio showed off how players have to partner up to fight off waves of enemies in the new mode called Frontier Defense. This debuts in Titanfall’s update No. 8, which is due out in the near future.

This new mode represents one of the biggest additions to Titanfall since the shooter debuted in March. The multiplayer-only game launched with competitive modes and a campaign that wraps a story around an online match.

As part of the new mode, Respawn introduces new enemies. These include things like the Arc Titan, which is an opponent that has a constant electric field surrounding it that prevents players from riding on its back. It also disrupts the display on your titan if you get too close.

The artificial intelligence also gets a big boost. Computer-controlled opponents now rodeo your Titan.

As part of the new mode, players also have defensive tools like automated turrets that they can drop anywhere in the level.

Frontier Defense should add some variety to the game for people who may like the feel of Titanfall but don’t want to play against other humans online.