Classic PC studio 3D Realms has risen from its grave, and the company is putting together an anthology of its beloved releases — and says it will make new games, too.

3D Realms, which is a subsidiary of Apogee Software, was the developer responsible for early PC classics like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, and Duke Nukem 3D. The studio closed down in 2009 as Apogee sold off the rights to the Duke Nukem Forever, which the company began working on in 1997. Now, 3D Realms is back with some of its original talent, and the developer is marking its return with a $40 anthology that includes 32 games — although you can pick up for $20 over the next two days.

“Five years after shutting its doors, game-industry pioneer 3D Realms is back,” reads the company’s announcement. “[This includes] original team members like Scott Miller and Bryan Turner, as well as new additions like CEO Mike Nielsen, with 11 years of experience as CEO and founder of, the biggest game distributor in Scandinavia, and vice president Frederik Schreiber, CEO of Interceptor Entertainment.”

The studio confirmed that it has new games in development. It is also working on a program where it provides guidance and financial backing to smaller studios that need help. But 3D Realms new leadership says it will touch more on those projects in “the coming months.”

For now, the studio is focused on selling its back-catalog collection.

Here’s the full list of games you can pick up right now by heading to 3D Realms’s website:

●      Arctic Adventure
●      Bio Menace
●      Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
●      Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy
●      Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons
●      Math Rescue
●      Monster Bash
●      Mystic Towers
●      Paganitzu
●      Monuments of Mars
●      Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure
●      Crystal Caves
●      Death Rally
●      Alien Carnage
●      Hocus Pocus
●      Major Stryker
●      Blake Stone: Planet Strike
●      Realms of Chaos
●      Pharaoh’s Tomb
●      Word Rescue
●      Secret Agent
●      Raptor: Call of the Shadows
●      Terminal Velocity
●      Wacky Wheels
●      Stargunner
●      Shadow Warrior
●      Wolfenstein 3D
●      Rise of the Triad: Dark War
●      Duke Nukem
●      Duke Nukem 2
●      Duke Nukem 3D
●      Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project