Sony is preparing to slap on a new coat of digital paint to the PlayStation 4’s operating system.

The company revealed today that it plans to launch the 2.0 patch for the new console Oct. 28. That means gamers get custom themes, SharePlay, and more Tuesday. While Sony has tried to regularly update its console, this is the second major upgrade that is adding a ton of new features. This may help Sony keep its advantage over Microsoft’s Xbox One — especially with both consoles heading into the holidays with impressive release slates.

The big addition in this patch is SharePlay. This feature enables you to share your game with a friend online, whether they own it or not. Basically, you boot up your PS4 and start a game, and your buddy can jump online and immediately start playing as if they were sitting on the couch right next to you. It works with every game that uses the DualShock 4, so you can finally play something like the local multiplayer-only fighting game Towerfall: Ascension online for the first time.

One of the big ideas of SharePlay is that it enables gamers to help their friends. If you’re having a problem with a certain boss, your friend can remote in and take control of the game for you. Since SharePlay is streaming your game over the Internet, it doesn’t matter if what you’re playing is typically a single-player campaign.

SharePlay isn’t without its restrictions. Sessions are limited to one hour, so your friends can’t just play through the whole game without paying for it. We’ll see if that present any problems.

Other big features in the PS4 2.0 update include the customized themes, which will enable you deck out the way your dashboard looks. Gamers will also get a USB Music Player that enables you to play your own tunes off of a USB stick.