In-game advertising is one of the ways mobile developers make money, and one company is offering a tool to help marketers get more from those kinds of promotions.

Singular, a technology company that operates a mobile-marketing platform, announced its Creative Optimization Wizard tool today. This new feature in Singular’s software enables marketing companies to understand exactly how all of their ads are performing and how the audience is interacting with those promotional campaigns. Companies are looking to get any edge they can to squeeze more from their million-dollar ad spends, and Singular is trying to tap into that.

“The Creative Optimization Wizard makes it super easy for marketers to understand how their creatives are performing across all of their mobile ad campaigns,” Singular chief executive Gadi¬†Elishayov told GamesBeat. “It tracks the entire life cycle of the ad so that marketers can analyze everything that happens from the initial impression and click all the way through to conversion and beyond.”

Elishayov explained that Singular’s goal is to provide marketers data on not just information like the click-through rate but on “deeper metrics,” such as return-on-investment.

“Any marketer that is running mobile ad campaigns across multiple ad sources will find tons of value in the Creative Optimization Wizard,” said Elishayov.

Singular spent the last several months testing its new tech, and it invited game developers into the beta program to try out the Creative Optimization Wizard.

“[Game developers] happen to be running lots of ad campaigns and are becoming very sophisticated in terms of how they optimize those campaigns,” he said. “Right now, there’s no other way to get insight into the performance of their ad creatives across all major ad networks and publishers with a single dashboard. They’d have to look at click-through rates and other performance metrics on a piecemeal, one-off basis, which is not only manually intensive but, for all intents and purposes, practically impossible.”

Dragon Story developer Storm8 is using Singular. The company is running a number of ads for its numerous free-to-play games, and its player-acquisition boss noted that Singular enables it to better “invest in winners.”

That’s the big claim that Elishayov is making as well.

“The most obvious way that this offering helps increase ad performance is by allowing marketers to double down on top-performing ad creatives while reducing or eliminating altogether underperforming creative,” he said.

“Singular will notify the marketer if a certain creative’s performance is falling below a certain [performance threshold], and all of that can be customized by each marketer. Beyond that, it also allows marketers to track performance trends over time so that they can detect fatiguing creatives before it’s too late, and they can also use it to see how certain creative is performing with specific subsets of users.”