Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive was a surprise, considering Nintendo’s family-friendly rep. But it turns out the Japanese publisher may have embraced the racy action hero far more than any of us realized.

Platinum Games today shared some insight into the creative process behind Bayonetta’s Nintendo-themed costumes in time for its North American launch. Surprisingly, it was Nintendo who suggested that Bayonetta’s Link costume, based on the hero from the popular Legend of Zelda series, should show more flesh, according to Siliconera. It’s an interesting move for the traditionally conservative Japanese gaming giant, which works hard to keep up its image.

The costume collaboration started when project supervisor Hideki Kamiya asked the Platinum Games team to design a Princess Peach costume for Bayonetta, which initially took them by surprise. From there, they went on to design costumes for Princess Daisy, Metroid heroine Samus, Starfox, and Link.

When working on Link, the Platinum team worried about making the costume too sexy and initially covered up Bayonetta’s chest area. To their surprise, it was Nintendo who suggested the design should reveal more cleavage, which impressed the Platinum team, according to Siliconera.

This is the final concept art that Platinum Games and Nintendo agreed on:

Bayonetta Link final

Above: The final concept art for Bayonetta Link, after collaboration between Platinum Games and Nintendo.

Image Credit: Platinum Games