The Internet Archive, the nonprofit repository for content on the Internet, announced today a strategic shift, putting it in the position of storage-dump provider that “communities” can tap if and when they see fit.

“We are creating new tools to help every media-based community build their own collections on a long-term platform that is available to the entire world for free,” the nonprofit’s founder, Brewster Kahle, wrote in a blog post today. “Collectors will be able to upload media, reference media from other collections, use tools to coordinate the activities of their community, and create a distinct Internet presence while also offering users the chance to explore diverse collections of other content.”

New tools include a listening room open to the public for the Internet Archive’s music project, as well as an Archive-It site with collections of information about specific topics.

The Internet Archive, started in 1996 and based in San Francisco, also launched the beta version of a new homepage today.