Wake up, Guardians.

Developer Bungie has released details on the first expansion for its multiplayer shooter, Destiny. Coming out on Dec. 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, the added content includes new guns, gear, missions, multiplayer maps, a new Strike (Destiny’s cooperative three-player missions), and a new Raid (like a Strike, but harder and with six players.)

The new Strike is The Will of Crota and takes place in the Cosmodrome on Old Russia. The Raid, Crota’s End, has players entering the Hellmouth on the moon to battle a Hive deity (the Hive are one of Destiny’s four enemy factions). Also, PlayStation folk get another Strike, The Undying Mind.

The new weapons and armor enable players to increase their Light level to 32 (the max is currently 30). Also, the multiplayer mode, the Crucible, is getting three new maps.

Destiny was a hit sales-wise at launch, but it has received plenty of criticism from fans for a lack of content. This new expansion will help, although one new Strike (unless you’re a PlayStation player) and one new Raid might seem a little lacking. Most of Destiny’s end-game requires players to replay missions and Strikes, so adding more variety is a must. At this point, faithful Destiny players have likely played through the same content dozens of times as they search for better loot.

The Dark Below costs $20 separately or $35 for a Season Pass that includes the next expansion, House of Wolves, which comes out next year.