Late-night host and ’80s cultural enthusiast Jimmy Fallon invited Mike Tyson to play himself in the epic Nintendo game Punch-Out!! And, of course, hilarity ensued.

“This is longer than many of the people you’ve fought before in the ring,” Fallon joked as Tyson got smacked around by his own virtual avatar.

For those of you who remember, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! was an instant classic. It consistently ranks in the top 20 NES games of all time. In the early days of video games, game makers had a nasty habit of making the final boss vastly more difficult than every other challenge. So beating a game was a badge of honor.

The actual Mike Tyson, no surprise, got virtually knocked out in only a few minutes. But that’s longer than it took him to win the Junior Olympic Games. To this day, real-life Mike Tyson holds the Junior Olympic Games record for a knockout in a mere 8 seconds (video below).

You win some, you lose some.