GamesBeat recently asked indie game developers to give us their best pitches in 140 characters or less. Picking our favorites was hard, but after many rounds of voting, some shouting, a little crying, and one trial by combat, we managed to come up with what we feel are the 10 best entries.

Coming in at No. 2 is Moon Hunters, a game that promises that you “build your own mythology.”

The game: Moon Hunters

Availability: PC

The pitch:

Why I picked this: The idea of building your own mythology in a game that promises every playthrough will be different (thanks to the magic of procedurally generated areas and nonlinear story) is just too intriguing to ignore. Doing so with up to three friends makes it even more appealing. Even the idea of “restoring the balance” catches my attention as GamerGate continues to roil online.

What is it? It’s hard to slap a genre on Moon Hunters. Its pixelated look appeals to the ’80s kid in me. Combat looks like Magicka (a co-op game featuring wizards blasting foes with spells) with melee weapons in addition to spells. It has puzzles. It has co-op. You can talk to nonplayer characters, and the reputation system means that the choices you make matter. The story isn’t linear — one night, the moon doesn’t rise. This is bad because without the Moon, monsters show up and general chaos sets in. It’s up to you and other so-called “children of the Moon” to find out what happened.

Is it good? I can’t say if it’s good or not as Kitfox didn’t have anything that I could actually play. But the idea is interesting enough that I’m ready to wait.

Look for it: Steam Early Access this winter.

For more info: Kitfox Games’ Moon Hunters site.

This is the ninth of 10 selections from our “Pitch us in one Tweet” contest. You can find the rest of our choices by following this tag.