Apple says it has opened a new software office in Seattle, and has very likely acquired the Seattle-based cloud networking startup Union Bay Networks.

A Geekwire report earlier today said that at least five former Union Bay Networks employees now list Apple as their employer on LinkedIn. These include Union Bay Networks co-founder Benn Bollay, who is also trying to recruit new talent to work for Apple in Seattle.

All told, at least seven of Union Bay’s nine employees are expected to work for Apple, the Seattle Times reports. The employees were apparently hired during September. It’s unclear if they will all work in the new office.

Apple confirmed to the Seattle Times that it had indeed opened an engineering office in Seattle, but it has not confirmed a Union Bay Networks acquisition.

The location of Apple’s new Seattle office has not been released. This shouldn’t be a surprise: Apple has dozens of offices in secret locations in the Bay Area.

Seattle is already home to about 30 Apple employees, and the company is currently trying to recruit two new employees to work in the city.

Apple didn’t immediately return calls for comment.