While Android nerds are celebrating the update of some apps with Google’s new Material Design guidelines, Pinterest just rolled out an update to its iPhone app that’s making it more focused on the pins.

The app now loads faster, is easier to navigate, and better highlights non-image content.

Pinterest’s Steven Ramkumar wrote in a blog post that the update will help users “get to pinning faster than ever.” As any mobile app maker can tell you, the longer users have to wait for an app to load, the more likely they are to get discouraged and close the app before they’ve even gotten to use it.

The update also puts the upload and search buttons prominently at the top right of the pinner profile page, making it easier for users to get to their most important activities: adding new pins and searching for pins.

Lastly, pins of recipes, articles, movies, and more will display a text overlay, underscoring that Pinterest is about bookmarking content, not just collecting images.

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These new updates are on the iPhone for now and will hit the iPad, web, and Android soon.