RealNetworks‘ streaming video service RealPlayer Cloud is rolling out new applications today for those with a Mac or Microsoft’s Xbox One game console.

The move comes as the company celebrates a year of RealPlayer Cloud service, with 8 million registered users across 40 countries (those stats don’t reveal how often people are using the service). RealPlayer Cloud lets you upload video files to the company‚Äôs servers, instantly access those videos on all your devices, and share them with your friends.

The two new apps should help RealPlayer Cloud grow the number of users who prefer to purchase digital video files, especially since a lot of the consumers the company is targeting likely own Macs and Xbox Ones. And if that isn’t enough, RealNetworks is offering a promotional $5 per month subscription price to new U.S. customers, which gives them 365 GB of storage.

The Mac app is available today, while the Xbox One app will be available tomorrow, the company said.