Twitter, the social network giant that’s currently investing $1 million into a community learning center for San Francisco’s homeless, also wants to build a sky bridge to connect its two offices in downtown San Francisco.

Twitter has proposed building a sky bridge between its two buildings, according to a Bloomberg report. The bridge would connect the company’s buildings at 1 10th St. and 1355 Market St. and is still awaiting city approval. Twitter said the bridge would save employees time, because they’d be able to avoid going downstairs to cross the street during the busy work day.

“It’s simple efficiency — it would take at least five minutes per employee to go down an elevator, out of one building, into the other, and up the elevator to the right floor,” Twitter said in a statement to Bloomberg.

When Twitter moved into its current headquarters, the city of San Francisco agreed to give the company a payroll tax break for six years in exchange for fulfilling community benefit duties as a way to convince the company to remain in the increasingly expensive city. The previously mentioned community center is one such project Twitter is undertaking as part of these duties.

Though it’s easy to see the potential efficiency gains from this bridge, it also has a subtle hint of a company attempting to avoid its underprivileged neighborhood.

Sky bridges were once very en vogue in New York City, though many of them are no longer in use.