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Google Play recently announced the expansion of its music and movie stores into several parts of Europe, including Iceland, Macedonia, and Bosnia-Herzgovina — three areas Apple’s iTunes doesn’t yet serve.

Today in a Google+ post, the company said Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Hungary, Iceland, Macedonia, Malta, Slovenia, Taiwan, and Ukraine now have access to Google Play’s Movie selection. And yesterday, Google unveiled a new list of countries that can access its Google Play music store, including Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Romania, and Slovenia.

Apple’s iTunes Store doesn’t currently allow Iceland, Macedonia, or Bosnia-Herzegovina to access its movie or music library, leaving room for Google to get a foothold in those regions. Croatia also isn’t connected to iTunes music.

To date, Google Play’s movie store is available in over one hundred countries.

In addition to iTunes, Google Play music competes with Spotify, which is quickly expanding worldwide. Though the two companies are neck-and-neck in terms of the number of regions they both serve, Spotify doesn’t cater to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, or Macedonia.

Google just recently updated its Google Play music service to incorporate features from its Songza acquisition. It’s clear the company is serious about competing in the music space, though it hasn’t traditionally led the market.