The cute little web service IFTTT (“If this, then that”) is steadily becoming much more than just something on your phone that helps you embed Instagram photos into your tweets.

Now you can hook up your Rachio Iro, a connected garden sprinkler controller, to your IFTTT account and use it to control the Iro, notify you, and even track its usage in spreadsheets.

The Iro is a $249 connected controller that you hook up to your sprinkler system. It “learns” your watering habits and can be controlled remotely via a mobile app. IFTTT’s simple recipe-based service pulls in triggers from Iro’s app and pushes out commands you’ve set up via recipes.

Some of the recipes you can set up for your Iro include not turning on the sprinkler if the temperature drops below a certain level, sending you a text message when your sprinklers turn on, and tracking your watering in a Google spreadsheet.

IFTTT already connects with other smart home devices, including the Philips Hue lightbulb and several Wink products.