The Raspberry Pi Foundation unveiled its latest computer today, the A+, a smaller version of its previous release that costs only $20.

A few specs from the foundation’s blog: The new gadget uses the BCM2835 application processor and has 256MB RAM. That’s the same as the Model A version released earlier this year.

However, the A+ is much smaller, only 65mm long, compared to 86mm for the Model A. The foundation also claims it uses less power.

In a post, the foundation said the ability to get the cost down to $20 exceeded its own goals from three years ago: “When we announced Raspberry Pi back in 2011, the idea of producing an ARM GNU/Linux box for $25 seemed ambitious, so it’s pretty mind-bending to be able to knock another $5 off the cost while continuing to build it here in the UK, at the same Sony factory in South Wales we use to manufacture the Model B+.”

The foundation let a couple of folks get an early look. One video review is above the story. Here’s another.