The Walking Dead is a game all about choices, but the PlayStation 4 version of Telltale Games’ award-winning zombie adventure is failing to transfer these from one season to the next.

Telltale forum user Luckycharm42 initially reported on Oct. 31 that game saves from Season One of The Walking Dead don’t transfer to Season Two: “When I started and it told me about the Season One transfer, I followed instructions on screen and it said, ‘Unable to transfer data from Season One.’”

Sony has declined to comment on this story. We have reached out to Telltale Games and are waiting to hear back.

That was 10 days ago, and many other PS4 gamers have now reported the same problem. It seems that both digital and physical versions of the game are affected by the bug, and Telltale Games doesn’t have a fix yet. It’s disappointing for gamers who have paid out for what is currently a broken port of a modern classic.

A member of staff at Telltale games, going by the name TelltaleMike, replied to the forum thread the same day, saying, “We are currently looking into the root cause of the issue and hope to have a resolution soon.”

Three days later, however, and there was still no word on a fix: “Unfortunately, at this time we are still looking into the issue of players unable to import their Season One saves into Season Two, and hope to have a resolution soon. I will make sure to update the forums when I have anymore new information to share regarding this issue.” We’re now 10 days in, and there has been no further word from Telltale Games.

Some players are starting to get pretty ticked off about the issue. Forum member FullMetalDagger said: “Reading through other forums, it seems Telltalle have a history for buggy games, and this same glitch happened on the PS3. At least a tweet saying, ‘Hey PS4 dudes who paid £40 a couple of Fridays ago, we do care about giving you the completed product and will be patching it,’ would be nice.”

The reports of the bug on the forum are all from European and Australian gamers, and it appears that the U.S. release of the game is strangely unaffected.