One of few companies left making interesting social games just brought in a ton of cash to help improve on its Game of Thrones and Star Trek apps.

Developer Disruptor Beam has generated $3.2 million in its latest round of funding. Investors new to Disruptor Beam include Midverse Studios and GrandBanks Capital firm, and the company raised additional cash from prior investors like CommonAngels, Romulus Capital, and founders of developer Harmonix, Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy.

Disruptor Beam has plans to put the influx of capital to work helping it make its next game better and to help it build its own community platform.

“These latest investments will help us to further deliver on our vision of creating the most community-centric gaming company in the world,” Disruptor Beam founder and chief executive officer Jon Radoff said. “We build games based on entertainment brands that have the most engaged fan communities. And we see these communities as just as important as the games themselves. For these reasons, we’re in the process of developing a community platform that will allow cross-game social capabilities and one that will enable players to connect with one another in new, innovative ways.”

The studio is best known for Game of Thrones: Ascent, which enables players to explore the world and families of HBO’s megapopular show. Now, Disruptor Beam is hard at work on Star Trek: Timelines, which will take Ascent’s gameplay and apply it to the classic sci-fi television show.

Radoff plans on continuing using this formula moving forward. The company says that it has already lined up more beloved licenses for future games that it will start working on after Star Trek: Timelines.

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