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Kabam has invited gamers to meet the cast of the upcoming Creature Academy with a special contest: Can you solve the mystery of who kidnapped monster tamer Pike?

The first two video clues dropped Tuesday and Wednesday. The final clue is out today, the date of Creature Academy’s worldwide release. Be the first person to correctly determine the “who, why, and where” and claim the $5000 bounty. The Runner-up gets $1,500.

Check out final video clue below, and go here to enter your best answer. If you’ve missed them, you can still see the previous clues here.

Advance reaction to Kabam’s Creature Academy

Earlier, we spoke with Kabam’s Director of Business Development Richard Chae about why he feels Creature Academy is poised for success with today’s worldwide mobile release. Now, let’s look at some of the response to the game to date and why the company chose to publish it.

Players in Asia are already well familiar with the game under the guise of Monster Taming by Netmarble on iOS and Android devices via Google Play. “It was the number one game in South Korea in 2013 and 2014,” says Richard Chae, Kabam’s Director of Business Development. “Its success is a testament to the quality and excitement of this game.”

Both the game’s popularity abroad — where it’s received more than a million positive ratings from fans on GooglePlay — and unique features prompted Kabam to adapt it into Creature Academy for western audiences. “Two features that players will love,” says Chae, “are building your team and auto play.”

Creature Academy offers players hundreds of creatures to battle, tame, recruit into their party, and upgrade. This allows them to reconfigure their group to meet any challenge. It’s this wealth of options and customizable gameplay experience that they’ll really appreciate, Chae says. “Assembling the best team allows players to express themselves,” he adds.

Creature Academy’s auto battle option lets the game to do the heavy lifting for players, free of worry about how much skill they possess. “Players can watch the results of their team and engage in the game as more of a manager than a player,” Chae says, “which is perfect for a mobile device or tablet.”

Western audiences may also connect with Creature Academy on a nostalgic level, Chae points out, noting, “the game brings amazing art and story that’s reminiscent of the games we used to play growing up.” Before today, Kabam’s Creature Academy had only seen limited release in English in New Zealand and Canada, where it met with positive response from players. “Creature Academy doesn’t have time for your slow-paced, grandparents’ RPGs,” says Canadian game review site 148apps. “In the span of a few minutes, it has players slicing down monsters, toppling a boss, improving their party, and repeating the whole cycle all over again.”

So, Creature Academy is a fast-paced game with an enormous cast, a wealth of customizable options, amazing art and story, and the ability to manage from a higher level? That’s a lot of praise to live up to, but its popularity with more than a million players abroad suggests there may be due cause.

Now players in North America are able to experience Creature Academy for themselves today — and attempt to solve the mystery of kidnapped monster tamer Pike for the grand $5,000 jackpot.

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