Ubisoft released Trials Fusion more than seven months ago, and it’s only just now getting around to adding online multiplayer.

The publisher announced today that it is preparing a free patch for Trials Fusion that will introduce a number of new features including the Online X-Supercross mode. This will enable players to go online and race against up to seven other people (only three others on Xbox 360). Developer RedLynx is also planning to introduce a new team feature that enables you to partner up in a group of 50 to compete in challenges against other teams. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer for this update unless you’re on PC.

“The free online-multiplayer update will be arriving on all platforms early next year,” Ubisoft communication specialist Anne Lewis wrote in a Ubisoft blog. “Race with up to three other people on the Xbox 360 and up to seven other people on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Starting today, PC players can join a beta for the multiplayer, which will include three modes.”

In addition to the Online X-Supercross, you can also set up private games to race against your friends on courses of your choosing. Ubisoft is also testing out a spectator mode on PC that will enable you to watch matches live as they happen.

A spectator mode is ideal for competitions and livestreaming, and RedLynx may try to court the e-sports crowd with this.

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