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Home audio has changed forever with today’s official launch of AIRHOME™, the world’s best, integrated home audio system operated completely and seamlessly from your iPhone® or iPad®

ROCKLEDGE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–November 25, 2014–

AIRHOME is the antithesis of all “boombox in every room” solutions the market has been forced to accept as integrated multi-room home audio until now, says inventor Logan Jacobs, CEO & Founder of Zenovia Electronics and former co-founder and bass player of recording and touring alternative rock band Social Code.

Jacobs says when you play music to speakers wired into ceilings and walls throughout your home, the physics of that action and the surface area those speakers cover puts your audio experience literally on another level. “There is no way to get that sound if you are using counter-top speakers that are essentially just boomboxes — even if you have the best boombox ever, it’s still just two tiny speakers in a little box,” he says. “It’s like a glorified clock radio and they sound mediocre and always will.”

And then there’s the clutter. Other wireless audio products sit on your counter and take up space. Who wants a “house full of boomboxes” says Jacobs. So, until now, the only way to get true home automation was with complex systems that required a technician and tens of thousands of dollars.

“You don’t want a house full of boomboxes – and you also don’t want a closet full of complex components and your own custom IT guy on speed dial,” says Jacobs. It was time to truly rethink the home audio experience from top to bottom and to redefine home stereos, both how they’re connected and how they’re enjoyed. And that’s what he did.


AIRHOME is for music lovers who love a quality interaction with their music. People who like a ‘Zen’ style of life, where interior designs and lines are clean, and clutter is out of site. Where the rack of components in their home entertainment system are reduced to nothing because that’s what they want – a flat-panel TV with Apple TV® connected on the wall, and AIRHOME tucked away neatly downstairs somewhere.

“We sell high quality music in every room, minus the clutter. We imagined a home where the room literally comes alive with music and we designed a system to do just that,” says Jacobs. “AIRHOME enhances and amplifies your life soundtrack very intimately within the walls of your home, never intruding, always responding when you simply press play,” he says. No remotes. No additional ‘middleman’ software.

“We are not fans of the idea of selling ‘a house full of stereos’ like so many companies promoting wireless home audio today; we prefer that our customers enjoy a house full of music,” says Jacobs.

He achieved his goal by passionately committing to the Apple AirPlay® standard as a way to bring out the audiophile and music lover in everyone. Jacobs calls AirPlay the “end game for wireless audio” because of the simplicity of the user experience. It’s simple, and anybody can use it. That’s what makes it great.


  • In-ceiling speakers are wired to the AIRHOME. You control them wirelessly. This ensures quality sound, ultra-reliability and refreshing simplicity.
  • You can play party mode to all rooms from iTunes, or virtually anything from all your favorite apps on your iPhone.
  • AIRHOME is designed to take of full advantage of the very best of every new improvement Apple AirPlay and Wi-Fi have to offer as the technology becomes available.
  • AIRHOME is the simple conduit between your smartphone and home… starting with music. It will transform your house into a smart home.

Growing market

Millennials represent the biggest wave of new home buyers in history and they are the first generation that grew up with the Internet and mobile phones. According to a 2013 survey, 84% of millennials believe home technology and home automation is absolutely essential 64% won’t even consider buying a home without it.

This growing market demand is reflected in massive expansions in home automation departments of major retailers such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Lowe’s and Home Depot where both established brands and startups are playing on a level field when it comes to the introduction of new smart home technologies. In just a few hours you can create the ultimate wireless “utopia” home with AIRHOME.

Do-it-yourselfers, renovators, electricians, custom installers, and home builders can all buy direct from Zenovia from their online store that also officially launched today at www.airhome.io

Industry Launch

AIRHOME was launched at a private industry function on Friday, Nov 21 to more than 300 guests including 150 existing retail channel partners of Roswell Global, the parent company of Zenovia Electronics. With the launch of AIRHOME, Roswell is expanding into the premium home audio market from the company’s strong, well-established position in marine audio and recreational marine products. Roswell’s strong channel partnerships will provide early introduction of AIRHOME’s premium home audio solution to customers across North America.

Over the last 16 years in the Marine Industry, Roswell has played a part in many groundbreaking innovations and patented designs for Wake Boats, Towers, Speakers, and Audio Projects. “Roswell customers who already enjoy and expect the absolute best marine audio solutions and accessories for their outdoor recreation, will now have the world’s best option for their indoor recreation as well,” says Jacobs.

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Roswell Global

Roswell Global’s American headquarters is in Rockledge, Florida and the company has offices in Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Zenovia Electronics, Roswell Marine Audio and Roswell Wake Air form Roswell Global.

Logan Jacobs, CEO and Founder of Zenovia Electronics, creator of AIRHOME™

Logan Jacobs was co-founder and bass guitarist for Social Code, an alternative rock group that released four albums and toured for 13 years. The band took a hiatus in 2012 and Jacobs focused his attention on reaching music lovers in a whole new way – by inventing AIRHOME.

Zenovia Electronics Inc.
Callie Hardwick, 321-638-1331