Following a court’s ruling, Uber has shut down its ridesharing service in Nevada, a move the company said would cost 1,000 jobs.

The move came late Wednesday, according to Reuters, after a Nevada judge handed down a preliminary injunction that blocked Uber from continuing its statewide operations.

The case involves a complaint brought by the state of Nevada against Uber. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada regulators have argued that the state laws regarding the transportation business applied to Uber, and the judge agreed in issuing the injunction.

Uber, which has been in negotiations with the state regarding the operating of its service, had argued that it was not in the transportation business and that the regulations did not apply to it.

“It’s unfortunate that Nevada is the first state in the nation to temporarily suspend Uber,” spokeswoman Eva Behrend said in a statement to Reuters.

The company said the decision would cost 1,000 jobs in the short term. However, Uber officials said they would continue to negotiate with state regulators to resume the service.