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Significant technologies and generational shifts are triggering seismic change in fintech and wealth management in particular. Over the next few decades, it’s estimated there will be a generational transfer of wealth from the boomers to the millennials to the tune of $41 trillion. This major economic shift is converging with significant technological change that is disrupting the financial industry. Simply put, this newly-endowed generation along with other digitally savvy individuals expect consumer technology to now meet their banking and investment needs — creating massive opportunities for those willing to fulfill them.

In 2013 alone, private fintech companies raised nearly $3 billion in funding, more than tripling the $930 million invested globally five years earlier. But while the opportunities now are greater than ever for those wanting to capitalize on this fintech shift, challenges still remain.

One of the major pain points plaguing the industry and its technological innovation to date is access to quality investment data. Each financial institution, brokerage, or advisory firm looks at its information differently; normalizing data across the industry is not a trivial undertaking.

All of the major challenges and pain points will be addressed in this important fintech webinar hosted by VentureBeat and Yodlee Interactive.

Another challenge is that traditional financial institutions have been an obstacle to themselves. These established financial institutions have been slow out of the gate to adapt to this generational and technological transformation, leaving a gap that innovative entrepreneurs are quickly filling, driving a new wave of fintech disruption. At the same time, how do these internet innovators and traditional financial institutions work together to help one another?

Then there are the consumers who will require coaching in order to truly capitalize on technological change. While health wearables have fueled a movement of individuals measuring every step they take, these same quantified people may not be checking their bank and investment accounts with the same fervor. A new generation of disruptive fintech needs to drive behavior change to elevate financial fitness to the same level as health.

These challenges and more will be at the heart of an animated roundtable discussion aimed at helping you meet fintech opportunities head-on. Join VentureBeat, Yodlee Interactive and a panel of experts on December 3rd at 10 am PT/1 pm ET to explore how the development and startup community is poised to capitalize on the transformation now exploding in the fintech sector and the role of big data in it.

What you’ll learn:

  • The critical role of big data in fintech
  • The methods of bringing fintech innovation to market faster
  • What the future of wealth management looks like, and what’s driving it
  • How financial institutions and non-FI entities can both capitalize on major generational and technological changes taking place
  • The implications of fintech on security

Panelists & Moderator:

Mitchell Tuchman: Managing Director, In addition to being a columnist for the The Wall Street Journal’s investment website,, and a columnist for Forbes, Mitch has 25 years of experience in venture capital, public finance, and technology, and is also a Registered Investment Advisor. He co-founded Rebalance IRA as a way to support baby boomers in their efforts to achieve and maintain financial security.

Joe Polverari: Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Managing Director, Yodlee Interactive With extensive experience in multinational strategic, transactional, and operational initiatives in the financial services and enterprise software and services markets, Joe is focused on making the Yodlee platform available everywhere that value can be created by entrepreneurs, partners, and developers building digital financial apps and services.

Stephane Dubois: CEO and Founder of Xignite Stephane is a recognized software and market data industry executive and innovator, who founded Xignite to pioneer market data in the cloud. Today, Xignite is known for creating the industry’s only pure-play market data cloud platform, used by clients around the world, across a range of industries.

Moderator: Dylan Tweney: Editor-in-Chief, VentureBeat

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