If you’re having issues connecting to the Xbox Store or seeing what your friends are doing on Xbox One, you’re not alone.

Xbox Live is having a number of issues right now. Gamers are having trouble using many of the Xbox One’s and Xbox 360’s online functions. Microsoft has not updated its Xbox Live Status site to confirm that troubles, but gamers on forums and on social media are reporting their difficulties.

This service outage is potentially not Microsoft’s online infrastructure acting up. The hacker group Lizard Squad took to Twitter to take credit for knocking Xbox Live offline.

It’s possible that Lizard Squad is just posturing, but we’ve asked Microsoft for more information. We’ll update this story with anything new that we learn.

Lizard Squad previous claimed responsibility for bringing down PlayStation Network, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft in August. This kind of action is highly illegal as it could potentially cost companies hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in revenue or repair costs.