If you weren’t feeling old already, news that Sony’s PlayStation turns 20-years-old today might’ve gone some way towards achieving that.

To mark today’s special occasion, Sony has announced a new 20th anniversary edition of its flagship PS4 console. It’s pretty much exactly like the PS4 you already know, except it sports the same grey look as the original incarnation launched back in 1994.

Sony was already enjoying a sales extravaganza with its latest PS4 console, which passed 10 million sales globally just nine months on the market. That put it ahead of its rivals, including the Xbox One and Wii U, which shifted around 6 million units each in roughly the same timescale. Therefore, it’s perhaps safe to say everyone who really wanted a PS4 already has one, so this latest launch could be one for the collectors and super-fans only.

To get your hands on one of the special edition consoles, you will have to be pretty quick (and perhaps pretty lucky). Pre-orders kick-off in the U.S. and Canada on Saturday, December 6 and will be in “very limited supply.”