Here’s another entry from the giant game companies that Westerners have never heard of. Crazy Panda is announcing today that it has surpassed 110 million registered users for its entire game portfolio, which includes the flagship poker game World Poker Club.

But like other international game companies, Moscow-based Crazy Panda wants to be known in the West. The company is now expanding into Western Europe and North America with its mobile and social games.

From July 2013 to November 2014, the company’s audience grew more than 45 percent. About 70 percent of the new registered users have played the company’s top titles: World Poker Club, The Household, and Evil Defenders.

Crazy Panda currently has seven titles across the most popular local and global platforms, including Facebook, Yahoo!, Mobage,,, and others, as well as mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

“In just a few years, we have gone from being a small independent developer to a full development and publishing operation with more than 100 people working on and running our games business,” said Bogdan Kuznetsov, the CEO of Crazy Panda, in a statement. “We’re constantly looking to take our games to new audiences, add innovative features, and leverage the power of social networks to reach people around the world. Our growth is a testament to the team pushing that vision and executing on our strategic plan to be a top international publisher on mobile and social platforms.”

Not bad for a company that was founded in 2010.