If you’ve ever envied the big names Product Hunt has invited to curate special collections of tech products, this one’s for you.

Today the community-powered leaderboard for tech products is launching Collections, a new feature that lets registered users create their own (you guessed it) collections. Along with its own team, Product Hunt has invited select folks to curate them for quite some time. Now its community members can create them, too.

To create a collection, go to your first chosen item and click on the collections icon on the right (it pretty much looks like a hamburger icon). Of course, you have the option of adding a hero image (like a profile picture) for each collection. All of your collections can be found on your profile.

product hunt collections

Product Hunt’s team expects users will use the new feature primarily for bookmarking (apparently some community members have gone as far as making Trello boards for this in the past) and to share their take on the best or most interesting products with others.

Next up, Product Hunt’s team will soon let you include products that aren’t already posted on the site, among other planned improvements to the service.

And if you need a refresher on Product Hunt and its journey to new features like this one, read up on its humble beginnings, its landing on mobile, and its newfound riches and fame.