While SoundCloud users have always been able to create playlists, they’ve had to rely on the Web-based version of the service to collate their top tracks in organized silos. Not anymore though.

With the latest update to SoundCloud for iOS, you can now create playlists directly from your iPhone.


You can either add a song you like to an existing playlist, or create a new playlist on the spot, with the default mode set to “private.” You can switch this to public with a single click.

SoundCloud is currently rumored to be raising a $150 million funding round, as it looks to bat off increasing competition in the music-streaming space. It’s also been looking at additional avenues for revenue, recently launching an ad-supported streaming option that gives musicians a cut of the spoils.

Given SoundCloud’s popularity among the DJ-ing fraternity, this should prove a popular tool for those wishing to build compendiums of their favorite tunes on the move for their fans. The ability to create playlists will be added to the iPad incarnation of the app shortly too.