French video game publisher Ubisoft said it will publish two games for the launch of the Sony PlayStation 4 in China. The move means that Ubisoft is one of many traditional game companies that are hoping to break into the newly christened Chinese video game console market.

Sony said today that the PS4 debuts in China on Jan. 11, as the Japanese gaming giant chases Microsoft’s Xbox One, which launched in September in China. Ubisoft said its Chinese efforts include Trials Fusion, a physics-based biking tricks game; and Rayman: Legends, a popular side-scrolling platform game. The releases are subject to government approval.

Ubisoft made the announcement at Sony’s PlayStation press conference in Shanghai today. “Ubisoft has been present in China for more than 17 years as the Chinese gaming community has continued to grow and evolve,” said Stephanie Perotti, the executive publishing director for China at Ubisoft, a press conference announcing the news. “We place great importance on understanding and delivering the kinds of games Chinese players want to play. That’s why we are excited to partner with Sony Computer Entertainment to bring some of our best games and major franchises to PS4 for our Chinese fans.”