Snail Games USA, the Los Angeles division of a Chinese online game publisher, said today it’s launching its matching Android gaming smartphone and Android game console at the upcoming 2015 International CES in Las Vegas in January.

Snail Games USA described the devices as groundbreaking and a key part of its expansion into mobile gaming hardware and software business into the American market.

The show marks the official launch of Snail’s new gaming smartphones, dubbed the W and W 3D. Those smartphones feature a gamepad-style design and software to bring the feel of traditional game controllers to the mobile marketplace. The W 3D also includes Snail’s latest advancement in eye-tracking glasses-free 3D display technology.

Snail Games USA will also introduce the OBox, a modular-design Android gaming console that connects to a television.

Snail Games, the parent company of L.A.-based Snail Games USA, has made online games for the Chinese market for over a decade. The company moved into telecommunications-network services in China in early 2014, with specialized data packages for mobile gaming. It offers free data and special rewards when used together with certain apps from Snail’s library of mobile games. Snail Games wants to bring the same model to the U.S.

“Our devices come with preinstalled free gaming content, but you can play any of the popular titles on them,” said Snail Games USA vice president Jim Tsai in a statement. “We want to provide our customers a complete gaming experience through our devices.”

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