Amazon today rolled out a new version of its Kindle app for iOS that should make it easier for people to find and read books.

Perhaps the most useful addition in this update is a new “Book Browser” feature that allows Kindle Unlimited subscribers — the company’s unlimited ebook subscription service —  to search Amazon’s vast library of over 700,000 book titles, although it is restricted to the iPad version of the app for now. I’m guessing most people were probably searching Google or’s website to find out if a particular book would be available. Little additions like this will be particularly important now that Amazon is facing competition from Oyster and Scribd, which have their own ebook subscription services.

The updated Kindle iOS app is also getting integration from Goodreads, the book review community owned by the retail giant. These are also going to be important as Amazon fights back competition, as useful peer reviews are a driving force in getting someone to open up a book title to start reading. The Goodreads integration will allow Kindle users to share how far along they are with a particular book, rate book titles, share quotes with friends, and get book recommendations.

Other additions to the app include a new welcome screen experience, a “next in series” book recommendation feature, and more. The Kindle iOS app update is available now for free via Apple’s App Store.