ZeptoLab announced today that it has shipped a new game for kids dubbed My Om Nom. The family-friendly app is for the younger generation of fans for Om Nom, the cute green monster from the Cut the Rope series, which has been downloaded more than 600 million times.

Moscow-based ZeptoLab is one of the few companies that can charge a premium price for its apps in a sea of free-to-play options. My Om Nom, developed in partnership with Dynamic Pixels, is available without ads or in-app purchases for $5 on the Apple App Store. The new game is akin to a virtual pet game, where you care for and play with your very own Om Nom creature.

ZeptoLab is milking Cut the Rope and Om Nom for all they’re worth. Since 2010, it has published Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: Experiments, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, and Cut the Rope 2. The new game ensures that we’ll be seeing a lot of Om Nom in 2015.

The company also noted that it is working on unannounced intellectual properties for several new games that it will talk about in early 2015.

“Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope 2 were obviously huge successes for us,” said Misha Lyalin, CEO of ZeptoLab, in a statement. “It would have been easy to relax this year, but that would have been a disservice to our fans. We are always talking and listening to our community, and the message has been clear: more Om Nom and more fun.”

Since 2010, Om Nom fans have cut more than 90 billion ropes at a whirlwind pace of 850 ropes per second, feeding nearly 35 billion candies to the hungry little monster.

My Om Nom

Above: My Om Nom

Image Credit: ZeptoLab