Smartwatch and smartwatch app makers are waking up to the fact that runners don’t want to lug their phones around while they work out.

The well-loved fitness app RunKeeper is announcing today a new version of its app, which will now run on Android Wear-powered smartwatches that have GPS on board and don’t need to rely on a phone for navigation and tracking.

One such device is the Sony SmartWatch 3, which has its own GPS chip inside.

Runners will be able to see their time and distance on the SmartWatch 3, for example, and when they stop and save the trip on their watch, they can then view their route and other biometrics on their phone or computer when they are again connected to the web.

Most smartwatches don’t yet have a cellular or Wi-Fi chip inside because of space constraints and power supply issues.

The app also supports wireless headphones that double as heart rate monitors. So users can monitor their heart rate in the app without the need for a chest strap or arm band.

These improvements to RunKeeper are the best endorsement Sony could want for the SmartWatch 3.