Updated on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Pacific time with more details from Sony. 

A day after the Christmas holiday, many gamers are still unable to get online with Sony’s hardware.

PlayStation Network is still offline, according to Sony’s website. Sony’s Internet gaming service went down early on Dec. 25, and that prevented people from playing online games like Destiny and Call of Duty all day. The problems have continued all through today as well. Sony acknowledged the issues this morning, but it has not provided an update since — and it has finally started talking about the potential involvement of cyberattackers.

“We are aware that some users are experiencing difficulty logging into the PSN,” reads Sony’s Support site. “Thank you for your patience.”

PlayStation did promise to update its website with any new information.

Sony wasn’t alone in having issues. Microsoft’s Xbox Live also went down for much of Christmas Day, but the publisher was able to get it up and running last night.

The cyberattacking group Lizard Squad took credit for the assaults on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, but the group said it ended its barrage early this morning. To convince Lizard Squad to call off its attack, the owner of file-transfer site Mega offered to give the group free life-time passes to his site. They accepted and even said that’s why they stopped.

In a blog post on Saturday, Sony said that a “designed” disruption was the cause of its outage.