Update: It looks like PSN is back down for a lot of people, and this trick is probably not going to work right now. Read about it here.

Sony says the PlayStation Network is back up and running, but people all over social media are still complaining about it not working. Well, we may have a solution.

PSN was down for days starting on Christmas, but Sony says it finally got its servers working this morning. The company says that some people may still have issues. It has provided no solution for those of you still experiencing issues, but we’ve figured out something that may help some of you.

If your PSN is still down, follow these steps:

  1. Boot up your PlayStation 4.
  2. Go to “settings.”
  3. Go to “network.”
  4. Select “custom.”
  5. In this menu, leave everything as default except MTU.
  6. Change MTU settings to “1473.”
  7. Save your changes.
  8. Reboot your PS4.

This should help you get back online, but we’re not guaranteeing results. Let us know if this works for you.