A new rendering of what looks to be the rumored larger version of Apple’s next iPad indicates that the device may feature improved sound.

Originally posted by French gadget site Nowhereelse.fr, the rendering (below) shows two holes for speakers, which could mean that the iPad will have stereo sound. This image is also supposedly a mock-up of the long-rumored “iPad Pro,” a 12.2-inch version of the iPad that presumably will stave back competition from larger Android- and Windows-based tablets on the market that VentureBeat previously reported. The French site also claims that the next iPad will be between 6.9 and 7.5 mm thick like current iPad models.

A rendering of what's allegedly Apple's rumored "iPad Pro"

Above: A rendering of what’s allegedly Apple’s rumored “iPad Pro”

Image Credit: Nowhereelse.fr

Of course, Apple has yet to make any announcements about its future plans for the iPad, including a possible iPad Pro, so it’s best to treat this rumor accordingly.

That said, if a larger version iPad does have better sound quality it should help justify the (seemingly) higher cost to purchase one — as it could easily double as a second screen for movies, TV shows, and web video clips. The sound quality on the 10-inch iPad has always been pretty good, but I know a lot of people who scoff at watching scripted video content on it because it’s either too hard to hear or not a rich enough quality of sound for their tastes.

Via 9to5Mac