Remember Sega’s bizarre Dreamcast virtual pet game, Seaman? Hotline Miami publisher Devolver Digital does, and it’s asked Sega for the rights to make a modern sequel.

In a slightly surreal move, Devolver Digital’s fictional chief financial officer Fork Parker tweeted Sega to pitch the idea of a new Seaman game, reports MCV. While Sega didn’t respond directly, Seaman’s creator Yutaka Saito did, asking what formats Devolver had in mind. Whether or not the pitch succeeds, it’s interesting to see such a public exchange of ideas over social media.

Seaman was an odd entry in the Sega Dreamcast’s diverse gaming catalog, letting players interact verbally with its fish-cum-human in a simulation narrated by actor Leonard Nimoy. The original Seaman needed a microphone peripheral to work, and a smartphone and PC sequel, as Parker suggested to Saito, would be far more inclusive (if still kind of strange).

GamesBeat’s own Paul Semel recently reminisced about Seaman, explaining how the odd creature took an interest in his political affiliations during the fall of 2000.