Digital radio service iHeartRadio is invading living rooms everywhere via Tivo set-top boxes, the company announced today.

iHeartRadio is the digital radio service offered by iHeartMedia (which changed its name last year from Clear Channel). That means iHeartRadio represents both terrestrial radio (aka old school FM stations) as well as a streaming service that most closely competes with Pandora. You can stream a terrestrial station to a number of different connected devices or create custom smart stations that use algorithms and curators to deliver a linear music listening experience.

The new iHeartRadio integration with Tivo makes sense because Tivo’s user base likely skews older and listens to more traditional radio. That means it’s a good fit, as iHeartRadio may be able to either pick up new users or cater to casual users that were probably using another service.

The integration is coming to the TiVo Roamio, TiVo Mini, and TiVo Premiere devices through a new app that will become available in the coming week.