TVs are a staple of major tech events. And at the kickoff of the press day at the 2015 International CES, South Korea’s LG Electronics did not disappoint.

LG launched seven new curved and flat screen organic light-emitting diode TVs at its press conference at one of the industry’s biggest trade shows this morning. LG always has the first press conference at CES, and it helps set the tone for the announcements of the day by the consumer electronics giants.

“It’s obvious TV is where we’ll make our biggest splash,” said Tim Alessi, the head of new product development at LG Electronics USA’s home entertainment division.

About 60 percent of LG’s TV lineup are 4K TVs, from 43 inches on up. That’s dozens of new TV models.

LG is also showing off an 8K TV in its booth. Most consumers still have high-definition TVs. 4K TVs have four times as many pixels as those sets, while 8K TVs have 16 times as many.

And LG is expanding the use of its WebOS 2.0 operating system for smart TVs. The new OS is faster, so you can get to your Internet content on your TV within seconds of turning on a TV.

LG is working with media companies to bring more high-end 4K TV streamed videos to LG TVs. You’ll be able to stream music services like Spotify or Pandora to LG TVs.



Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

Greg Peters, a streaming exec at Netflix, said his company is adding high-dynamic range videos to Netflix’s upcoming original programming, such as its original drama Marco Polo. You can now view those shows in 4K resolution. Netflix will have a “Netflix recommended” TV designation for LG’s TVs.

“Netflix is committed to supporting innovators like LG,” Peters said.

LG has also partnered with celebrity chef Rachael Ray on her cooking show on TV.