OpenText, which helps companies manage their information, announced today that it has acquired a partner company, Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC).

IGC makes software products for securely sharing documents so users don’t need to install various document-specific apps on all their devices. Ontario-based OpenText said the acquisition will increase its ability to provide content on any device, from anywhere.

The largest software company in Canada, OpenText previously partnered with IGC to offer IGC’s Brava product for its Content Server.

Brava enables the secure viewing and sharing of documents, images, and drawings inside a browser by using HTML5. OpenText said more than 250 of its customer companies use Brava, representing over 300,000 seats.

In Brava, two versions of a file can be shown side by side, with changes highlighted, even if they are in different file formats. Thumbnails offer file information and page previews without opening the file. The tool also allows viewing controls and document publishing, can use Content Server’s permissions for sharing, and enables users to obscure sensitive content.

OpenText’s current product lineup includes enterprise-level solutions for content management, digital asset management, business process management, customer experience management, information exchange between different companies or systems, and information discovery.

The company was founded in 1990, an offshoot of a late ’80s University of Waterloo research project designed to digitize all the text in the Oxford Dictionary and make it searchable. One of the company’s first customers for its then-new search engine was Yahoo.

Terms of the acquisition were not announced. IGC has been an OpenText partner since 2001.